Gendai Reiki Ho Training

Gendai Reiki Ho was formulated by Hiroshi Doi to pass on Usui Mikao Sensei's original spiritual tradition of Reiki Ho. This system involves 4 levels of training: Shoden (Level 1), Okuden (Level 2), Shinpiden (Level 3) and Gokukaiden (Level 4 Master Teacher).

Completion of this training connects you to the direct lineage of Reiki tradition instituted by Usui Sensei and recognized by the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (Society) which continues to actively preserve the original teachings in Japan. In the original Japanese tradition of Reiki training the goal has been and still is reaching Anshin Ritsumei (self-realization). 

Coming soon, Teasha will be offering Gendai Reiki workshops in the Twin Cities.