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Rainbow Reiki® is a system of spiritual healing based on Traditional Usui Reiki. But Rainbow Reiki® has been constantly developed through research by Walter Lübeck. The first degree of Rainbow Reiki® offers tremendous healing techniques and goes far beyond anything the Traditional Usui Reiki has to offer. Experienced masters of Traditional Usui Reiki will learn about 98% new content in a Rainbow Reiki® first degree class. The second degree of Rainbow Reiki® offers tremendous healing techniques. Rainbow Reiki® is renowned in more than a dozen countries as a first class spiritual healing art.

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First Degree of Rainbow Reiki®

This workshop contains five partial initiations. Everybody can participate - no requirements! The class comes with printed English manuals & certificate.

Date: August 2 & 3, 2019    Time: 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Location: Bhakti Wellness Center* Conference Room, Edina MN

*Bhakti Wellness Center does not in any way endorse or assume any responsibility for the content of this program. 

Cost: $400. Lodging and meals are the responsibility of student.  $200 Non-refundable deposit due at registration. Balance due 30 days prior to workshop.

Contact Teasha Elder to register:    612-749-2438

Course outline:

1.   The history of Usui Reiki

2.   The original Five Usui Principles, as written down on the memorial stone beside Usui’s grave, their spiritual meaning and how to use them in ancient Japanese language as mantras.

3.   The Five Healing Principles of Usui

4.   The Three RR Principles

5.   The original Gassho Meditation

6.   RR Meditation with crystals and aromatherapy

7.   The RR Whole Body Treatment with psychosomatic and spiritual background information

8.   Marayana Sayi® - special RR Whole Body Treatment (see additional tab „Marayana Sayi®“ for details of this amazing new spiritual healing method!)

9.   Marayana Sayi® Group-/Aurahealing (distant treatment for one or more clients and special mantras with Marayana Sayi®; promoting integrity of the mind)

10. Systematical Chakra work

11. Chakra balancing

12. The three Medicine Buddha mantras (these come with an initiation) and how to do proper mantra-meditation

13. Spiritual healing, blessing of food, beverages and cosmetics products energetically, cleansing with the blue light of the Medicine Buddha Yakushi Nyorai

14. Special positions

15. RR Aura massage

16. The two Usui treatment mudras

17. The RR cure and a proper diet for healing

18. A special Noetic symbol with mantra to normalize the flow of energies and to promote proper circulation.

19. The RR EnerSense Technique for promoting the ability to sense Byosen (disharmonic energies), to do effective healing through reflex zones and to develop the personal Reiki healing power.

20. The Kurama-Mountain Meditation which connects to the very special spiritual matrix of the Kurama Mountain, where Mikao Usui received the gift of Reiki and enlightenment (Satori).

Second Degree of Rainbow Reiki®

This class contains two partial initiations. Everybody with a 1st degree of Rainbow Reiki® can participate in a RR 2 class. The class comes with printed English manuals & certificate and Shri Yantra Posters with all the Chakra Energy Cards on it.

Date: August 4 & 5, 2019      Time: 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Location: Bhakti Wellness Center* conference room, Edina, MN

*Bhakti Wellness Center does not in any way endorse or assume any responsibility for the content of this program. 

Cost: $800. Lodging and meals are the students responsibility. $400 non-refundable deposit due at time of registration. Balance due 30 days prior to class.

Contact Teasha Elder to register:     612-749-2438

Course Outline:
1. The three symbols and mantras of the 2nd degree of Traditional Usui Reiki, their use and spiritual meaning. Additional unique methods of spiritual energy work with the Usui Reiki symbols, such as: the amazing spontaneous vitalisation; Ultra fast mental healing; priming safe and efficient Kundalini rising.
2. The original Five Noetic symbols and mantras of the RR 2nd degree, their use and spiritual meaning: One symbol for activation of the 6th chakra; one for spiritual children and psychic adults for better entering and stabilisation regarding outside influences; one for integrating other energies of healing into a RR distant treatment; one for promoting heathy and balanced flow of the energies of life; one for intense Medicine Buddha work.
3. The RR shower - basic and enhanced.
4. The Three RR Principles
5. The RR room cleansing
6. RR distant healing with Noetic symbols and options to integrate other healing energies into the distant healing.
7. The RR power mental healing
8. The RR power mental healing for harmonizing shocks and healing reactions
9. Falayna Sayi - The special distant healing of RR which requires only 8 minutes, with tremendous new techniques like emotional download, soul-light healing, automated use of the symbols and mental healing, and integration of other healing energies.
10. Hip correction within three minutes (purely energetically!)
11. Atlas vertebra correction within three minutes (purely energetically!)
12. Harmonization of „allergies" within about three minutes (purely energetically)
13. The RR energetical cleansing of the brain-stem from energetical patterns of toxins, fears, addictions etc.
14. Correction of the occipital bones (purely energetically!)
15. Correction of the diaphragm (purely energetically!)
16. Correction of teeth (purely energetically)
17. The RR navel harmonization
18. The Three spiritual part personalities (Inner Child; Middle Self; Higher Self) and how to work together with them for a better life.
19. RR distant treatment into past and future
20. RR Karma Clearing
21. How to produce RR amulets.
22. Contacting and working together with angels and other beings of light.
23. RR technique for working together with Spiritual Power Spots.
24. RR distant treatment for groups.
25. RR method for bringing constructive energies to groups.
26. Basic techniques of RR Feng Shui
27. Basics of RR Chi Gong and RR Hara energizing.
28. Basics of RR Astrotherapy: Healing with the system of astrological part-personalities.
29. The amazing RR Psychoharmony Method. Promoting forgiving, getting rid of fears, getting a clear mind, harmonizing issues with learning, being insecure, concentration... in about five minutes.
30. The ultra-short and powerful Kannon Mental-Healing.
31. RR Kundalini technique for safe and comfortable integration of the Kundalini.
32. Understanding the spiritual meaning and functions of Usui‘s three symbols and mantras.

About Walter Lübeck: Walter has written 25 books. Nine books are about Reiki. The books are translated to more than 20 languages. Walter Lübeck has taught Reiki since 1989.  He is a Master/Teacher of Traditional Usui Reiki, founder and Grandmaster of Rainbow Reiki and Shihan-Kaku of Jikkiden Reiki. He traveled to Hawaii, Japan, Hongkong, Bali and India doing research about Usui Reiki and its roots. He works together with other internationally renowned Reiki masters in writing books and doing research. In spring 2012, 2013 and 2014 he took part in scientific research projects with Prof. Dr. Ignat Ignatov from Bulgaria about his spiritual healing and Reiki talents with excellent results. Walter has been a guest of TV and Radio-Shows in Germany, Spain, the USA, Hungary and Argentina.

He is a recording musician (vocals; drums; synthesisers) and a poet.

Since 1988 he has trained thousands of students and hundreds of seminar-teachers for Rainbow Reiki®, Whitefeather Shamanic School®, Three-Rays-Meditation, Meeting the Angels, Lemurian Tantra in…

Germany, Spain, UK, USA, Norway, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, India and Austria.