Marayana Sayi® 

Marayana Sayi® - The all new effective Rainbow Reiki® whole-body treatment

Marayana Sayi® is a simple, holistic and time-saving spiritual healing method!

The main advantages of Rainbow Reiki Marayana Sayi (Part of the teachings of the Rainbow Reiki 1st degree class)…

1.      Set up a full body Reiki treatment, including special positions, within 2 to 4 minutes. Activate this treatment and it runs on itself for 20 minutes, providing Reiki to all positions simultaneously for full 20 minutes! This treatment stops automatically. The aura is being cleansed, chakras are balanced, proper grounding is done.

2.      Part of Marayana Sayi is a Soul-Hunting technique which works powerfully, safe and time efficient.

3.      Set up Reiki positions as macros, with added crystals, scents, symbols… File them and use them easily and by just saying a mantra and the file name for focused Reiki treatments.

4.      Treat yourself, other people, groups with Marayana Sayi - it comes with a full distant healing technique. You can even treat within the body! The treatment is adjusted to the anatomy of animals automatically, whenever an animal is treated with Marayana Sayi.

5.      Marayana Sayi comes with 100 + healing songs (mantras) to focus Reiki effectively. These healing songs can be used to produce "potable Reiki", then charging water with them. These special Reiki vibrational essences can be used as aura-sprays, put into a bath or can be consumed. Rainbow Reiki students use them a lot, because they are so helpful.

Marayana Sayi® fills a crucial gap in the Reiki and Spiritual Healing practice. Any Reiki Practitioner knows how effective and important the whole body contact treatment is. Especially, if strong effects are wanted. It is particularly helpful to integrate for example extra positions and crystals into the whole body treatment, in order to focus the spiritual healing effects and to solve issues more quickly.

But since the whole body treatment alone takes about one hour or more, it is hardly possible to include 30 minutes and more for extra positions on a regular basis, considering the tightly-packed routines most people nowadays have in their daily lives. Especially professionals find it hard to integrate the whole-body treatment plus extra positions into their practices as a routine. Because, on the one hand, a professional practice needs a certain hourly rate in order to be economical. On the other hand, their clients’ budgets are usually limited. So Reiki is not integrated mostly in routine therapies like it should, considering its enormous spiritual healing power.

However, from now on healers and clients needn’t be kept any more from intensive healing effects by narrow time frames! Neither healers nor clients need to fear economical shortages, while trying to achieve in-depth spiritual healings.

Marayana Sayi® not only offers a way out of the dilemma of wanting-to-help-and-not-being-able-to-help, but also opens a completely new dimension of Reiki-treatment. Because Marayana Sayi® is so much more effective, holistic and lasting than your conventional good whole-body treatment with Reiki. The new Rainbow Reiki® whole body treatment Marayana Sayi® nourishes the body and its energetic systems optimally and on all levels with spiritual healing energy – and Marayana Sayi® alters the state of mind by causing an encounter with the Divine, the Source of Life, the Natural Order during the 20 minutes of the Marayana Sayi® time.

What can the new Rainbow Reiki® Whole Body Treatment Marayana Sayi® do for you?

Marayana Sayi® features the following advantages...

Time input for the healer: About three minutes for a Rainbow Reiki® whole-body treatment including all 17 positions. If you want to include several extra positions, you will need up to another five minutes approximately. 

Take about 10 seconds as a reference value for each position, including change of positions.

Time input for the client: Approximately 22 to 24 minutes, depending on the preparation time, as noted above. Optionally, there could be some rest after a treatment with Marayana Sayi®. But this is not required.

The Marayana Sayi® effect: Since all 17 basic positions, as well as any extra positions, will be supplied simultaneously by the energy deposits with a lot of Reiki and Angelic healing vibes, which have been built up previously, every position will be treated for a full 20 minutes! That is nourishment with spiritual energy at its best.

This creates a completely holistic, highly effective treatment structure. The treatment success is based on enormous synergetic effects and will be increased exponentially – all vital energy organs, reflex zones, main and secondary chakras, and spiritually functional circles are being supplied with Reiki and Angelic energies at the same time!

Compared to the conventional Rainbow Reiki® whole body treatment, the effects are being intensified tenfold or more - considering the effect of 20 minutes per position simultaneous energetically treatment and what practitioners have experienced. By including e.g. symbols and mantras, crystals, scents and extra positions, again, all harmonising effects will be increased profoundly.

Grounding problems occur rather rarely and if they occur, they are attenuated.

In most cases aura cleansing is not required.

By using special mantras and extra positions you can focus the spiritual healing effects on certain levels of the physical or the spiritual, with astounding effects.

Full distant healing with Marayana Sayi® in the 1st degree of Rainbow Reiki®!

A part of the teachings of the 1st degree Rainbow Reiki® class is a very flexible and efficient Marayana Sayi® distant treatment - which can be performed for single clients or even groups with a similar time like for one person!

Maraya Sayi® Soulhunting…

There is a special method of Marayana Sayi - Shalaya Sayi - which helps to reconnect lost parts of the soul. Like all Marayana Sayi techniques this is also very efficient and simple to use.

Why does the new Rainbow Reiki® Whole Body Treatment Marayana Sayi® take exactly 20 minutes?

The period of 20 minutes for the new Rainbow Reiki® whole body treatment Marayana Sayi® is a archetypical recovery time, appropriate to all body functions. A quick 20 minutes nap is very relaxing and refreshing. This fact was first explained extensively by renowned psychologist and book author Ernest Rossi, student and associate of the ingenious trance therapist Milton Erickson, in his book “The 20 Minute Break”.

This rest period structure is familiar to our bodies and is being utilised by the new Rainbow Reiki® whole body treatment Marayana Sayi®. This leads to even deeper, more holistic, harmonious and intensive healing effects than ever possible with a regular Reiki treatment..

The Marayana Sayi® Healing Time (Marayana Sayi® Touyía) of 20 minutes gives the best effect.  Resting time afterwards is useful. It is possible to give several Marayana Sayi® Healing Times on one day.

Notes for the Application of Marayana Sayi® when combined with the 2nd Degree

All symbols and mantras of 2nd degree Usui Reiki, 2nd degree Rainbow Reiki® and those from classes, based on 2nd degree Rainbow Reiki® can be used in the context of Marayana Sayi®, as explained above.

Marayana Sayi®: Questions & Answers

Question: Is there not something important missing, if the hands are not laid on during the entire whole body treatment?

Answer: It’s totally okay for you to lay hands additionally on the clients body or to do energy work in his or her aura during a Marayana Sayi® Healing Time – but it is not required to do so, in order to guarantee a safe and highly effective Healing Time for the client! On the other hand, hands can be laid on the client's body for a short period of time – meaning, a direct physical contact does happen. Moreover, most people report, that during their Marayana Sayi® Healing Time they are so absorbed with themselves, that the physically noticeable presence of the practitioner would only distract them from the important spiritual experiences they make. For example, people tend to experience impressive encounters with their Spiritual Guides or other Lightbeings during their Marayana Sayi® Time. Or they gather insights into important key scenes from their past lives, the meaningfulness of which usually has a strong impact on their actual situation, or they experience powerful visions, or are being inspired with divine wisdom.

Question: Is Marayana Sayi® traditional?

Answer: Marayana Sayi® is not a component of the traditional Usui Reiki System. Nevertheless, basically, the energy at work during a Marayana Sayi® is exactly the same Reiki®, that flows during healings in the Usui Reiki tradition. As opposed to common Reiki treatments, during which this marvellous spiritual energy flows through the channel (an initiated practitioner), during a Marayana Sayi® only a direct connection with the Source of Reiki is established – for the client, by the practitioner. That is another reason for the Marayana Sayi® Time being so intensive. The vibration of the client and even that of his or her surroundings, in which he or she enjoys the Marayana Sayi® Time, is being raised high towards the spiritual spheres.

Question: Why is an additional initiation into the new Rainbow Reiki® whole body treatment Marayana Sayi® required?

Answer: Because only by means of such an initiation the mantras and additional spiritual gateways of light become available to the student. Marayana Sayi is a unique Rainbow Reiki method and is only taught in Rainbow Reiki 1st degree classes.

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Rainbow Reiki® & Marayana Sayi® are for spiritual healing purposes only and cannot replace a medical diagnosis or a medical therapy! Ill people or people who might be ill should visit a medical professional.