Autism Spectrum Disorder and Reiki

Peter was a five-year-old who was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, which is a neurological disorder on the autism spectrum. Peter's mom and dad reported that he had frequent temper tantrums and he was showing aggression towards adults and peers at home and at preschool. He was very inflexible and did not like to participate in group activities at preschool; because of his aggression, he was receiving several "incident" reports each week from preschool.

Peter's doctor suggested putting him on medication to control aggression if he didn't improve in the next few months. His parents were hesitant to do this.

I conducted Reiki sessions while Peter was asleep. During the Reiki sessions, Peter was very receptive, rolling over to open his back to receive the Reiki. After the first session, he went over a week without an incident report. He was more interested in going to preschool and his preschool director reported that he sat through an entire group activity without getting up and moving away from the group.

After two months and several more treatments, Peter's parents revisited the idea of medication, but since he was doing so well, his psychologist agreed that he didn't need it.

Peter's parents have both been trained in Reiki Levels I and II, and they give him hands-on treatment every evening at bedtime, along with daily distance healing. He is now seven and is being incredibly successful in first grade. His parents say that Reiki has changed his life--and theirs--for the better.

What Clients are Saying

During my Reiki session, it felt like tiny bubbles were coming out of my wrist that I had just broken two months ago. I'm not afraid I'm going to fall again anymore! It made me feel better physically and emotionally. ~Mary W.

I've received traditional massage for seven years from Teasha. After she did a Reiki session, I felt the most relaxed I have felt in five years. I almost fell asleep six or seven times. My body is at peace. ~Jan B.

Reiki sessions with Teasha helped me to become more grounded and to heal the pain in my foot. I am a massage therapist, and after receiving Reiki, I decided to learn it myself to incorporate into my massage therapy practice. My clients felt there was a positive difference after my training. ~Peter D.

Back Injuries and Reiki

Anne had broken her neck at age 15, and over the past 40 years had experienced much degeneration of the back, had considerable back pain, and walked hunched over. She was now facing spinal fusion surgery. To manage the pain, she took large doses of Ibuprofen and prescription narcotics. I suggested that a Reiki session might help with pain reduction.

I gave her an hour-long, hands-on Reiki Energy Therapy session. Following the session, Anne was pain-free for three hours and was able to go for an additional four and a half hours without any pain pills. A week later, following the next session, Anne was free of pain for two full days and was able to stand upright and straight for four days. We continued our sessions, and I added emotional clearing and release therapy to the hands-on Reiki. Anne spontaneously recalled personal grief and the many losses of her life.

Following the fifth Reiki session, Anne was able to discontinue all her pain medications and was walking upright all the time! After the sixth appointment, Anne went on a vacation with long hours sitting in a car, was able to sleep in different beds daily, and was able to walk three miles a day, all of which had not been possible for over five years. Anne is now pain free, she has no spasms, and is able to lie flat in a bed. Currently, she only experiences slight stiffening of the body and has remained completely off medication. We continue to do series of sessions as a "tune-up" to keep her healthy and pain-free.

 What Students are Saying

I have taken Levels I-IV in the Usui tradition, and Karuna® Levels I and II from Teasha, and they were wonderful. She makes them interesting and fun. I use Reiki everyday, and it has made me a more positive, energetic, and healthy individual. ~Sharon P.

After taking Level I and II, I now spend 20 or so minutes every morning doing self-Reiki. It has brought me such a profound inner sense of peace and well-being I never expected. ~Marie P.

Reiki works with the trinity: body, mind, spirit. Reiki is a higher spiritual consciousness. ~Rev. E.A. Carlson

Reiki and Cancer

2005: Bob went in for a routine physical and discovered that he had tonsil cancer. Within two weeks, Bob was in surgery and was informed that three days later he would start radiation daily and chemotherapy once every three weeks, for a total of seven weeks. Bob had never previously had any life-threatening disease or any form of surgery and prided himself on his healthy lifestyle, including competing as a professional bodybuilder. The thought of impending surgery and treatment scared him.

Bob had one Reiki session before he started chemo and radiation therapy the next day. He then regularly received Reiki throughout his chemo/radiation treatment. For the first 4 1/2 weeks, he was able to work, eat, and sleep normally. This was unexpected, since his doctors had warned him that he could start to have swallowing problems and be very nauseous even after his very first session.

After only one week of radiation, one chemo session, and four sessions of Reiki, Bob's tumor was gone! The doctors were very surprised, since had expected no change to the tumor for at least two weeks and did not expect it to be completely gone for at least four. Bob decided to finish the entire seven weeks of chemo/radiation treatment, but to continue with his Reiki sessions as well. To increase and enhance Bob's recovery, his wife Kris, who is a registered nurse, took both Reiki Level 1 and 2 training so she could work on him at home. She and Teasha also did joint Reiki sessions on Bob. The doctors were amazed at how he could still eat and swallow 4 1/2 weeks into treatment and how his skin never blistered and was barely even red.

Throughout the seven weeks of treatment, bloodcounts remained normal--there was no need for blood transfusions. Bob successfully completed all seven weeks of chemo/radiation therapy and only spent a few days of the 7th week in the hospital due to dehydration and nausea.

January 2006: Bob had his second follow-up appointment and received a clean bill of health. His hair has come back fully and he has gained 27 of the 50 pounds he had lost during chemo/radiation treatment.